nothing should feel this real and not even come close to at least being a moment. just a gap in my time lived- a gap I still ended up learning from. I want more..

at a point where I’m not so much sure what I want to do with my life, but for sure know what I don’t want to be stuck doing figuring that out in the mean time. dusted off both cameras and occupying my down time with taking pictures. still no planned content, every picture taken just as spontaneous and candid as the pictures themselves. the build up of finishing a roll. the chance of ea. frame coming out either as you’d hoped it hadn’t, hoped it had or didn’t expect at all.
an itch to reconnect with people, actually make plans and hang out with the people I’ve met the past year or so. it getting nicer out so nothing to it but to do it. still don’t know why I make things like hanging out such a big deal. I mean, I do, but.. whatever

frustrated ‘cause the only woman I’m sincerely interested in having sex with and I’m sitting here wasting my time with feelings. my dick down your throat for feelings

the lovers #1

I’d really like to see you get dressed from scratch